State Protocol Links

October 05, 2015

NC OEMS Website

The NC Office of Emergency Medical Services provides state oversight of all EMS agencies in the state. Their regulations cover the testing and credentialing of all EMS providers, licensing and inspection of all EMS vehicles, and publishing of the state EMS protocols. All agencies are required to adhere to state protocols, unless the local medical director receives specific permission to adopt local protocol. Click the button below to visit the state OEMS website. This site provides access to the state OEMS office website, as well as job opportunities in NC, EMS-related classes/training around the state, and state EMS news.

October 05, 2015

NC EMS State Protocols

Clicking the link below will carry you directly to NC's EMS protocols page, as created by the NC College of Emergency Physicians and adopted/published by NC OEMS.

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